Blog Relaunch!

Welcome Loves! It’s been a long time since I’ve last written that I decided it was time to dust off the keys and start again! I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted things to go and let’s just say, nothing ever goes as planned.

I realized that once I started this Journey that I really never had a “niche” and I was often finding myself quickly discouraged. I became overwhelmed and just felt like I was all over the place. So I stopped. I went back n forth constantly in my mind whether or not I should continue or just stop.

The thing is, I couldn’t get this blog out of my mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I just couldn’t give up. I couldn’t just let it go. I just knew this was something I had to do. So I reached out and got some advice on what my next step should be.

So after doing so, I realized what my “niche” or “theme” should be.

I want this blog to be about my Journey. My Journey hasn’t been easy. But I’ve wanted to share it in hopes to inspire others.

My blog will be about Self Love and Self Care. I’ll also be covering Mental Health, Fitness, and awareness to different causes.

Along the way I will be sharing my challenges with my Mental Health of Depression, Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. I will be sharing my story.


I’ll be sharing uplifting messages and quotes to help all of us struggling to keep going. I will share ways of Self Love and Self Care. Im also going to be sharing my fitness journey. Being comfortable in your own body to me is a form of self love & self care. I haven’t felt confident in my body in so long and it’s time that I make a change. I’d love if you came along with me.

I asked on my Instagram for everyone to share an awareness that means something to them. There are so many out there that don’t get enough attention. There is such a stigma with Mental Illness that I want to break that. I want to break ALL stigmas and share awareness.

I have decided to share awareness by making bracelets. I have researched their awareness colors and I’ve added a small charm to them. Some that I have already done are

  • Mental Illness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Autism
  • Child/ Teen Sexual Assault & Abuse.
  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia

I would love if you have a Awareness or Cause that means something to you or a loved one to please share and let me know and I will make as many bracelets you’d like. There is no charge to these. I want to break ALL stigmas and spread awareness.

Thank you for coming along with me on this Journey. There is so much hatred in the world and I don’t want anyone to confront it on their own. Battling Mental Illness has enough darkness in that alone. I want to create a safe place for us to share our stories, to share our struggles and to break all stigmas.

10 Quotes To Keep Going

Welcome back Loves!! So, I’ve always been the type of person who just absolutely LOVES quotes! I could spend hours looking them up. And thanks to Pinterest, that has happened on many occasions. I often find myself connecting with quotes because I simply can not find the right words to explain how I feel sometimes. Don’t you just hate that? You really want to express how you feel, but the words just won’t come out?

• With struggling with Depression and especially Anxiety, I would constantly be looking up quotes to help me keep going. Family and Friends would give me advice or encouraging words, but I would always find myself looking up Motivational Quotes or Strength and Faith Quotes and it would really really help me.

So down below, I am going to share with you all 10 of my favorite quotes that has helped me to keep going. I hope that whoever is reading this will be able to use these as daily reminders when things get though. Because trust me they will, but you CAN and WILL get through it.

10. This is so true. Just the littlest step can lead you in the direction towards something greater. 9. Even if you don’t believe in God, Life will always work it’s self out. You just have to HOLD ON and you will see everything fall into place.

8. Sometimes when things are just NOT working in our favor, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we are the ones who need to make the change for things to get better.

7. Now this one is a GOOD one. We can not and I repeat can not let our troubles break us. No matter how hard it gets, you have to remember life still goes on so things will change. Don’t let these troubles define you. Stay strong.

6. This quote here I’ve had for YEARS. It’s really all about just making small changes and really everything will fall into place.

5. Oh yes, be gentle with yourself! I would often beat myself up because I would feel like I was losing control of everything. Just be gentle with yourself, you really are doing the BEST you can.

4. Yes. Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful. I always thought I had to change who I was because of some struggles I had to go through. But those struggles are apart of me. Apart of MY story. They made me WHO I am. So, I’m my own kind of beautiful.

3. Storms really don’t last forever. If you told me this years ago, I’d laugh. I would tell you “Yeah right, things will NEVER get better”. Guess what? They DO.

2. I don’t think anyone is ever really “broken”. So even when you feel broken, just remember “You grow through what you go through”. So no matter what, you can still light up the world.

1. YOU ARE ENOUGH. No matter what happens. No matter what life throws at you, you are enough. There is no one else on this earth like YOU. The world NEEDS you. Please always remember YOU are enough!

Keep Moving Forward

If I told you how many times I have started to write this blog and then erased it, you’d be surprised. I had a few ideas to talk about, but I kept coming back to one certain topic. “Giving up”. How many of us at some point in our life’s just wanted to give up?  We felt like no matter what we did it just wasn’t getting us anywhere? That you couldn’t catch a break because one thing after another kept happening to you? That you kept putting good out into the world only to receive more negative? I HAVE! 

Life can sometimes beat you up like the wind does on a windy day. Where you are doing everything in your power to hold on, to plant your feet and to ride out that wind. After all is said and done, everything is just a mess. Do you give up when that happens or do you just brush yourself off (fix your hair haha) and keep moving forward?


There has been many times in my life where I just felt like I was caught in one big wind storm. Nothing was going right no matter how hard I tried. Toxic people kept coming into my life that just wouldn’t help and they would knock me off course and I wouldn’t know how to get back on the right course. As that kept happening I just felt like I was drowning.

It is such a scary feeling when you just want to give up. When I was younger and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I just wanted to give up. I had so much going on at the time, and now I had to deal with that? It just became too overwhelming and I wanted to just give up. I did NOT care at all what I did or what life was going to bring me. At that point I figured my life was screwed up either way forever that there was no point in going out and trying to find happiness or to even fight the fight of crawling out of the dark hole I was in. I just did not care. Period.

However that’s when I came across the movie “Meet The Robinsons” (You’ll find out more about that movie in my last post “My Favorite 13 Movies) In the entire movie one sentence really stood out to me, “Keep Moving Forward”. I realized that no matter what happens in my life , I just have to keep moving forward because eventually I could get to my happy place. And I did which took YEARS. All I had to do was keep going.

So my advice to you, is Keep Moving Forward. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how challenging this life and world can get, I PROMISE you it does get better. It might not get better right at this very moment but it will. Don’t give up. Hang on. Hold on tight. Fight for it. Fight for that happy ending because it will come.  I would never imagine my life where it is right now a few years ago. If you told me I would of laughed. But I am so glad I didn’t give up because I wouldn’t of learned the things I’ve been taught. And most importantly I wouldn’t of learned who I really am. Hang on, I promise its worth it.










Do I? Or don’t I?

ChoicesHave you ever needed to make a choice that could effect your WHOLE life? That this choice could change your relationship with another person, that this choice could change your everyday life whether it be with your job or home? The thing is, every choice YOU make changes your entire life. From the moment we were born, we begin learning new things. We learn good things and bad things. Its up to us to make a choice whether we will choose the right or the bad. BUT either one we choose, it WILL effect our entire life. We just may not see it right away.

It is possible to make a bad choice. We all have. But at the end it actually can help us learn and to grow. We are in charge of US, no one else is. So it is only up to US to make our own choices.

Our life is all made up of choices. The different choices you make can will effect you, your friends, and your family. Anyone. From experiences I’ve dealt with in my life and having to make certain choices and decisions made me stronger. But some also made my weaker. However, after everything was ALL said and DONE, I was only stronger. If that makes sense. Haha. It was a very hard time in my life (Which will be another post at another time!) I ultimately needed to choose what was best for ME no matter how scary it was or the consequences I could possibly face. I had to choose if I should leave a certain relationship at the time. I had to choose to leave my fears and troubles behind and embark on a new journey to get ME back. It was very scary, it was life changing but it is a choice I am so glad I made. In my case leaving a abusive relationship was a good choice and at times I wondered if I was truly strong enough to get through this but even at times when we have to make good choices and it can sometimes can complicate life, it will eventually make life SO much better. Making good choices will make life easier or start the path to making life easier.

All I can say is when it comes time to make a decision or a choice, really think about it. Pray about it. If you know in your heart and mind that something is the RIGHT decision, follow it. Always follow your gut. If it takes time to think about what to do, that is ok too.

Choices that you make, can either make or break you. In no way, shape or form is anyone perfect. We will all make mistakes, but really our choices add so much story to our lives.

Life Is A Roller Coaster…



Life. Many things can happen in it. Life can have many meanings. Some good, some bad. But life is WONDERFUL no matter what. Life gives you struggles and obstacles. Life will build you up and life will tear you down. But no matter what, life will reward you in the end. Life will also reward you along the way as well, but we have to open our eyes and not harden our hearts to see those rewards. IT can award you in ways that you don’t see right away or in ways you could never imagine and believe me, it will catch you off guard. Friends will come along that mean the world to you and give you chances that you may never get again. Life is god. Life is a challenge but you never do it alone. You may feel like everything is ending right at your fingertips and that you have no grip left. But that is when you just need to hold a little tighter and have faith. Everything will be ok. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride of life. You see, its like a rollercoaster. It has ups and downs, twists and turns and sometimes really big drops but it always stops. You just have to hold on for the ride. Once it’s stopped it’s stopped. We are not able to go for that ride again. No matter how crazy or difficult it gets, we only have ONE ride. ONE way ticket. We must cherish it and hang on while we can.

Sadly there will be times when people, experiences, things come into our life and screws everything up. It gives you too much to handle and at times you think to yourself “What did I do to deserve this” and/or “I cant do this anymore, I don’t have enough strength”.

You actually may never understand why those things happen but in the end it makes you better. It makes you stronger, wiser. It makes you a very strong person. Life will give you scars, but that’s when you wear them proudly and show that you showed up to these experiences and came out stronger. However sometimes people jump off the ride, before it stops. They never really give it a chance to change and others around them feel like they are to blame.  All we can do is try to help people on this ride. Be there for them when things get tough. Show them it is ok to go through these difficult times and that there are ways to get through it. And when all they want to do is let go, just help them hold on tighter. Life is hard in general. It teaches so much yet hurts also. Life will never be perfect. Think about this though….

How much fun would life be if it was all perfect? You wouldn’t learn all you could. You wouldn’t go as strong as you could. You wouldn’t be a better person. Everything would just be going the way everyone would want. Boring I’d say. Just hang on for the ride.