28 Things I’ve Learned In Life!!

Hi everyone!!! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you know I’ve had some things going on that needed my attention. That is why I haven’t been around lately. But with that being said, I AM BACK!! I’ve truly missed being here so here I am!

I did make a few changes, so let me tell you about them and then I’ll jump into my topic for today!

  • My name new on Instagram is “Mallory’s Thoughts”. You can find me with @mallorys_thoughts

  • For right now I’ll be ONLY be posting on Wednesdays. In the near future I’ll go back to Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.

So while I was gone I celebrated my 28th Birthday on June 4th! In my short 28 years I have learned a lot and I know I’ll learn more but I wanted to share what I’ve learned thus far!

  1. Life will NEVER go as planned. Growing up I had a painted picture in my mind of how my life was going to go. Boy was I wrong! But hey that’s ok! I’ve been through a lot that has taught me so much!
  2. When they say time goes faster as you get older, they are RIGHT! It really does. And I know it will only continue to do so.
  3. NEVER take loved ones for granted. Because once they are gone, they are gone.
  4. Pay attention in school! And also don’t take those days for granted because when those days are gone, you’ll miss them.
  5. There are many moments in life you’ll never get an apology. Accept that you won’t and just move on. You’ll be HAPPIER.
  6. Life truly does go on. Time waits for no one.
  7. START chasing and working towards your dreams as soon as you can. Don’t wait or put it off. Go and start NOW!
  8. Happiness truly comes from WITHIN. Things and people will add to your happiness but true happiness comes from within yourself.
  9. People can become so unreliable. Make sure you don’t solely rely on them but that you rely on YOURSELF.
  10. Don’t live IN fear. If you do that, you’ll miss so much of life.
  11. STOP and actually smell the roses. Don’t let small things pass you by.
  12. Not everyone will GIVE you support. Make sure you have enough confidence in yourself to make things happen and not let THEM stop your dreams.
  13. The world is a cruel cruel PLACE. Make sure you are the change you want to see in the world.
  14. There is going to be many scary and questionable times in life. Just HANG ON, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it WILL be ok!
  15. People are going to hurt you. And it sucks. But don’t let that DEFINE YOU. Instead embrace it and grow from it.
  16. Make sure your mental health is a PRIORITY. If you need a day to just focus on you, take it.
  17. Not everyone will UNDERSTAND you. And guess what!? That’s perfectly ok. Your life is your own story. You’re leaving behind a legacy everyday.
  18. Family is EVERYTHING. But just remember, not all family is blood related.
  19. Don’t let ANYONE control YOUR life. It’s yours and they have their own.
  20. You can not CHANGE someone. They will be who they want to be. Just focus on what you need to change for yourself. As the joke goes.. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
  21. You don’t need a HUGE group of friends. Just a few close ones. They make a world of difference.
  22. Your taste buds and style actually DO change as you get older. My mom use to tell me that and I never believed her until I started liking BROCCOLI and some floral designs.
  23. If people make fun of you, there is something wrong with THEM. It’s not you!
  24. If you’re not happy with something, YOU have to make the change. It won’t just change on its own. ( This was a tough lesson for me)
  25. Speaking of change. Change is HARD but it’s going to happen. Just remember to go with the flow. You’ll adapt.
  26. Learn to love YOURSELF first. It actually does make a HUGE difference. You really do gotta love yourself first before you can love anyone else. ( This use to drive me crazy when people told me this. I never believed it till now)
  27. The more you learn and try NEW things, the more you’ll actually discover who you really are. And you might actually surprise yourself.
  28. Last but not least. This is actually my favorite one…

Never give up on the little girl inside your heart

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