I like to MOVE it MOVE it!!

Alright everybody………. Are you ready for the BIG announcement?!  *Drum roll please*

I am starting a new Journey into FITNESS and I’ll be taking you with me EVERY step of the way!!!! A friend of mine actually inspired me to get my butt back into shape! Back in the day, I use to go to the gym regularly and I use to be a runner.  I LOVED the shape I was in then, and I had so much self confidence. Of course life got into the way. I was diagnosed with Depression which put me into a funk and then I had my back injury which really set me back.  As other things started to get in my way (which I would let) and my overall health wasn’t stable due to my stomach,  I got out of my routine of going to the gym and working out regularly. Through out the years I would join the gym and only go maybe a few months and stop. Well enough is enough already.

I knew it was time to make a change, when I started not feeling comfortable in my own skin and would just DREAD looking in the mirror. Clothes started not fitting like they use to, and I was buying so many clothes because nothing was fitting anymore. There would be times when I would go try on clothes that I would just get emotional because I wasn’t happy. Recently I went on a girl’s weekend get-away, and that really put into perspective how UNHAPPY I’ve been in my own skin, where I actually said “forget it” and didn’t buy a swimsuit, or anything because I just wasn’t happy. Bottom line, I’m just READY to be comfortable again in my skin and have confidence.

I’ll be honest with everyone. When I got the idea to go on this fitness journey I confided in a couple of people and what they thought and if it would be a good idea to include it in with my blog and they liked the idea. I need something to help keep me accountable for doing this and what better way then to add this to my blog!! I am the type of person who needs other people’s thoughts and opinions before I go and do something big. One thing I really struggle with is my confidence. So I have to make sure I have a support group behind me before I make a decision.  I’m going to be real with everyone too. I’m going to share when I slip up and eat that yummy chocolate cake or if I miss a week of working out! I’m going to share my struggles doing this because lets face it, I’m human and I will make mistakes. This isn’t going to be an easy journey. There will be days where I want to quit because I hurt and there is going to be days when I need that extra motivation. BUT there will also be GOOD days where I’ll be able to say without a doubt that I got this!

When I say that I am going to be taking you EVERY step of the way, I mean it!

I will be sharing:

  • My progress- LITERALLY!
  • Recipes & snacks that are yummy and healthy!
  • Exercises that you can do at the gym or even home!
  • Fitness items that I find useful!
  • ETC…

I am really excited to be going on this journey. I am already so thankful for the few people who have known about this and have encouraged me to DO this and that have told me I am capable of doing it. You know who you are, so THANK YOU!

With adding this to my blog, My schedule will be the same. However SUNDAY’S post will be about my fitness and WEDNESDAY’S post will be on certain topics. Any questions just ask! 😉

SO EVERYONE, this journey starts TOMORROW.  Come along with me. IT WILL BE FUN!!





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