Do I? Or don’t I?

ChoicesHave you ever needed to make a choice that could effect your WHOLE life? That this choice could change your relationship with another person, that this choice could change your everyday life whether it be with your job or home? The thing is, every choice YOU make changes your entire life. From the moment we were born, we begin learning new things. We learn good things and bad things. Its up to us to make a choice whether we will choose the right or the bad. BUT either one we choose, it WILL effect our entire life. We just may not see it right away.

It is possible to make a bad choice. We all have. But at the end it actually can help us learn and to grow. We are in charge of US, no one else is. So it is only up to US to make our own choices.

Our life is all made up of choices. The different choices you make can will effect you, your friends, and your family. Anyone. From experiences I’ve dealt with in my life and having to make certain choices and decisions made me stronger. But some also made my weaker. However, after everything was ALL said and DONE, I was only stronger. If that makes sense. Haha. It was a very hard time in my life (Which will be another post at another time!) I ultimately needed to choose what was best for ME no matter how scary it was or the consequences I could possibly face. I had to choose if I should leave a certain relationship at the time. I had to choose to leave my fears and troubles behind and embark on a new journey to get ME back. It was very scary, it was life changing but it is a choice I am so glad I made. In my case leaving a abusive relationship was a good choice and at times I wondered if I was truly strong enough to get through this but even at times when we have to make good choices and it can sometimes can complicate life, it will eventually make life SO much better. Making good choices will make life easier or start the path to making life easier.

All I can say is when it comes time to make a decision or a choice, really think about it. Pray about it. If you know in your heart and mind that something is the RIGHT decision, follow it. Always follow your gut. If it takes time to think about what to do, that is ok too.

Choices that you make, can either make or break you. In no way, shape or form is anyone perfect. We will all make mistakes, but really our choices add so much story to our lives.

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