Life Is A Roller Coaster…



Life. Many things can happen in it. Life can have many meanings. Some good, some bad. But life is WONDERFUL no matter what. Life gives you struggles and obstacles. Life will build you up and life will tear you down. But no matter what, life will reward you in the end. Life will also reward you along the way as well, but we have to open our eyes and not harden our hearts to see those rewards. IT can award you in ways that you don’t see right away or in ways you could never imagine and believe me, it will catch you off guard. Friends will come along that mean the world to you and give you chances that you may never get again. Life is god. Life is a challenge but you never do it alone. You may feel like everything is ending right at your fingertips and that you have no grip left. But that is when you just need to hold a little tighter and have faith. Everything will be ok. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride of life. You see, its like a rollercoaster. It has ups and downs, twists and turns and sometimes really big drops but it always stops. You just have to hold on for the ride. Once it’s stopped it’s stopped. We are not able to go for that ride again. No matter how crazy or difficult it gets, we only have ONE ride. ONE way ticket. We must cherish it and hang on while we can.

Sadly there will be times when people, experiences, things come into our life and screws everything up. It gives you too much to handle and at times you think to yourself “What did I do to deserve this” and/or “I cant do this anymore, I don’t have enough strength”.

You actually may never understand why those things happen but in the end it makes you better. It makes you stronger, wiser. It makes you a very strong person. Life will give you scars, but that’s when you wear them proudly and show that you showed up to these experiences and came out stronger. However sometimes people jump off the ride, before it stops. They never really give it a chance to change and others around them feel like they are to blame.  All we can do is try to help people on this ride. Be there for them when things get tough. Show them it is ok to go through these difficult times and that there are ways to get through it. And when all they want to do is let go, just help them hold on tighter. Life is hard in general. It teaches so much yet hurts also. Life will never be perfect. Think about this though….

How much fun would life be if it was all perfect? You wouldn’t learn all you could. You wouldn’t go as strong as you could. You wouldn’t be a better person. Everything would just be going the way everyone would want. Boring I’d say. Just hang on for the ride.



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